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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Top 10 Ways to Ji Seow a NSF

10) If he wears glasses, tell him how stupid he looks in those black plastic ones.If he doesn't, call him a pilot dropout.

9) Get your grandmother, show him she can run faster.

8) Ask him how many forests he has touched so far.

7) Call him a chao recruit.

6) Call him a botak (having very little hair is demoralising enough, he doesn't need you to rub it in)

5) Confirm the rifle is his wife, ask whether he's still firing blanks with his girl. (wicked)

4) Tell him his girlfriend prefers real men, not boys or sissies.

3) Ask if he's enjoying his combat rations.

2) Tell him he's the lowest lifeform on Earth.

1) Flaunt your pink IC in front of him. (ultimate)

copied from http://www.talkingcock.com/


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