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Saturday, July 16, 2005

guess, guess, guess^3

i have no complaints for today's guess variety show. the section featured today was about gals who were pros in sport but dun look like.

but the most interesting section was the final part of the show, where they had this love declaration of a gal. haha, that one was really interesting. becoz the gal really looked like a gal my love-lorn fren likes. haha, really almost the same, always wear t-shirt, a little tom-boy, cute cute n wear cap that kind, haha....

there's this uni gal in yr 3, she's been secretly in love with her senior for 3 yrs already, then this time she got the help of the variety show to help her declare her love. The show host then advised her to dress up, cause her usual attire was the t-shirt, tomboy kind. n so they got her a more decent attire, similiar to those mango kind.

i rather amazed by these taiwanese, they've got this really brilliant phone service, where before u place a call to the other party, u add in a pre-fix of say "802" in front of the number u gonna call. then after u fin your call to the other person, the phone company will send a msg back telling u how interested the other party is in u, depending on the tone of the voice n such, will give u something like a meter reading of say 70, together with how the person could be feeling abt u. (dear singtel/m1/starhub, bring this service to spore leh, i wanna use, haha...)

back to the love declaration story, so the hosts of the variety show asked the gal to call the guy using this particular phone service. contents of the phone call were something like this:" hey, are u at the basketball court? i'm in the area, so i'm going there to look for u(sounds familiar??? haha...)"

results of the phone call:55% it's like a border-line pass, the other person could be interested but intentions are un-clear.

and so the gal went to the basketball court to look for the guy, together with a sushi bento that the gal prepared. gal reaches bball court, guy stops playing bball to speak to gal, guy comments how differents she looks, gal gives guy bento, guy thanks gal n returns to playing bball, gal leaves bball court n calls guy using that special phone service.

results of the 2nd phone call:80% high chance that the other person is interested in u.

then they went for a movie together, as it was slightly drizzling, gal was carrying an umbrella, the hosts were commenting that the guy should have helped the gal carry the umbrella,(so guys, muz always act gentlemanly at all times, haha..)

n after the movie, they walked off to an area where the gal could profess her love to the guy, gal gives guy a scrapbook of her thoughts, then the hosts popped out with a couple of balloons with the guys name n wat the gal wans to say written on it(idea, rite? the balloons part)

then it was now or never for the gal, gal tells guy how she's been secretly in love with him, then there was a moment of silence before the guy gave his reply, luckily the guys also gave positive reply.(hey, it was on tv man, imagine guy rejecting gal on national tv, that gal confrim very no face lor..)


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