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Saturday, July 09, 2005

woshiyiduoyun is a practical person

was watching guess, guess, guess , guessX3 earlier. the first part was the using guess which person was lying from 3 people.

the 1st person was a gal who took part in the beauty contests n is a pest exterminator, the hornets that kind.
2nd person was a guy who collects bear droppings,
n the last was an inventor with 108 patents and drives a Benz.

and the person lying was....
the bear droppings collecter.

then they showed a video clip on how the beauty contestant took care of an hornet's nest which was kinda cool.
it was followed by the guy with 108 patents under his belt. this guy really can invent man. there was this special torchlight that could work without batteries. there's a cord attached to the torchlight, and all u had to do was to pull the cord 10 times and the torchlight would work for 5 mins. which is a pretty cool invention, saves $ from buying batteries n saves the hassle of changing them.

then i was happily waiting for the most anticipated section of the tv show when they announced that the theme today was guys who look like gals, wtf???? who wans to look at sissy guys???
turned off the tv straight away.
reminds me of how everytime in army cannot go home that time, so every nite watch tv then everytime watch the guess show, all the guys will anticipate the last section of the show where they will feature icy maiden gals or twins who look alike or cute gals, gals with good figures n etc... all guys are hum-sup, chee ko peh one(esp those army ppl, too deprived..)
then if they show those section where feature guys one, someone will juz turn the tv off and everyone will juz go to sleep or do something else instead of watching the show.


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