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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Cloud Strife(cute version) main character in the game FF7

just in case, anybody's wondering where does my nick come from, i'm gonna disclose it all here.
this all started way back in my secondary school days where the PS one was THE console at that time. the 1st game i bought for this console was Final Fantasy 7 or FF7 in short(jap version), although i didnt understand a single word in jap i still enjoyed the game and completed like one disc of it(there were like 3 discs of it), the graphics were really amazing. went on to play the english version, really enjoyed the game and it's storyline. and a little fascination with guys carrying big swords and a bad-ass attitude. Hence my email has cloudstrife in it.

fast forword to the present and just last year when i was starting life as a new freshie in NUS, was introduced to this thing called msn, it sorta took over the ICQ of the past( does anyone still remember ICQ?) then while asked to type in a nickname for my msn, i was thinking of something that could have a link to my email, then this idea hit me(like all of a sudden), and hence i'm known as...
I am a piece of cloud
and can be seen floating around NUS science faculty (and Arts canteen sometimes also.)
btw its also true that i like clouds as an aspect of nature.


  • ra

    i can understand strife..but whats yun got to do with ff7???? anyway woshiyiduoyun is really gay

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:08 PM  

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