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Friday, July 08, 2005

ppl who cannot make it...

people who dun have the face or figure should not appear on tv in a bikini.

i've been waiting for the chance to write this post, just never had the chance to and always slipped my mind.

there's this certain tv actress(name withheld for privacy reasons) who is with channel 8. i think she has no looks and no figure, too skinny, face is always that kind act ugly roles in jack neo movies that kind.
pt is got face no figure, still ok, not that bad.
got figure no face, then cover face n look at body, still can.
but if no face and no figure, best is dun show anything, u'll frighten ppl more than amaze them.

she appeared in some shopping guide show on tv and appeared in one section wearing a bikini. was taking the bus when suddenly tv mobile show this part. was really turned off by the sight of a bamboo pole wearing a bikini, showing it off on tv.

i wonder if mediacorp nowadays got qc(quality control) or not, or all sleeping, tsk tsk, the quality of some shows are really bad. like an auntie-like character wearing bikini and showing off on national tv, no wonder i hardly watch local shows.


  • you put it so bluntly...still say withhelding her identity???

    By Anonymous Pei Yi, at 12:37 PM  

  • at least never mention names wat, if mention names then considered direct attack. wait i kenna sue then u know, haha...

    By Blogger woshiyiduoyun, at 9:34 PM  

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