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Sunday, July 10, 2005

i dun look over 18 meh?

it's the issue abt my age again. there's this certain vcd rental shop near my place and i went there this morning to borrow a certain vcd thats rated M18.

the shop assistant looked me in the eye and asked if i was over 18.
dunno y i'm being asked this stupid qn over n over again, everytime kenna one, argh...
i simply replied yah and then she double checked with my records to see if i was over 18.

then walked over to the bubble tea shop next door to get a cup of bubble tea for my troublesome brother. this time i'm glad to be mistaken as some poly kid, so i can get student discount, then nowadays the auntie i think somehow can recognise me already, so no need to show my "fake" temasek poly bus pass also can get discount, haha.. (for more info refer to june 11 post)
i'm evil...


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