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Sunday, July 10, 2005

mahjong (again???)

my only source of entertainment for sat nites: mahjong

sounds sad, like really no life like that, argh...

saw my fren ah rick win "da san yuan" earlier. n thats
3 white dragons(bai ban) 3 red dragons(hong zhong) 3 green dragons(fa cai)
so thats a total of 12 tai, but as we were playing limit 5 tai then add 1 dollar for any tai over the limit. so his total winnings for that set was $33.80, playing $0.20/$0.40 for each tai.

but luckily i dun have to pay a single cent as my another fren fish "bao", so he had to pay everything. ah rick had 3 white dragons and 3 red dragons out already, but then fish didnt believe that ah rick had such amazing luck and decided to test his luck by discarding a green dragon tile. and it turned out to be an really expensive tile to throw.


  • Hey i'm curious, how come da san yuan adds up to 12 dai?

    By Anonymous Weiming, at 2:34 PM  

  • all pong : 2 tai
    hun se: 2 tai
    3x dragons: 3 tai
    affiliation: 1 tai
    hmm. ok. wheres the rest?

    By Blogger damon, at 5:32 PM  

  • if u really muz know, it's a house rule that me and my friends set up, as long as u got da san yuan, it's 12 tai and any funny thing we not sure, we just put it as 12 tai eg: tian hu n di hu, although these 2 not yet appear lah.

    By Blogger woshiyiduoyun, at 9:27 PM  

  • wah..like that also can ah? like not very professional....anyway, i thought regardless of who threw the winning tile, all must pay except the person who throw pays double....

    By Blogger quest_gal 仪, at 9:52 PM  

  • cause ah rick already had 3 white dragons and 3 red dragons out, then anybody who throw green dragon and ah rick pong, that person will pay for eveything, it's sorta like a rule similiar to the nine tiles rule where if got ppl(A) got 9 tiles of say bamboo out displayed, and if B still throw bamboo tiles and this certain A win, B who throw the bamboo tile for A to win, so B have to pay for everyone at the table.

    By Blogger woshiyiduoyun, at 10:00 PM  

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