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Monday, April 11, 2005

Any advice for my for-lorn fren?

managed to read up on the article in Sunday times about the infamous MA1506 lecture, (for all those who are still in the blur, pls refer to earlier posts)
First it is spread like wild-fire over the net, with a mention at mrbrown then now it's all over the papers, starting from the morning ones to the afternoon chinese papers, and now the whole Singapore knows about wat happened.
my personal thoughts is that the guy was too daring and should have choose a more discreet way to get his msg across. Instead of doing it on a web-casted lecture, where everyone can view at their own leisure.
So, my pt is what should a guy do if he wans to know a gal?
any advice?

i have a for-lorn fren who interested in this gal, let's call her A. my fren and this gal both stay in the same hall, and they do communicate via msn, but that's like almost it. then when my fren try to ask A out for supper or meals, the response seems to be negative everytime, then A's bdae juz passed not long ago, should my fren at least have gotten her a gift? Can any of the females out there shed some light on what going on in the mind of this gal A? and what should my fren do? leave some comments? (the female mind is really hard to decipher leh)
And no, the guy's not me, haha...


  • juz my 2 cents worh:
    Either A dun eat supper and meals....(yeah rite? for someone who stays in halls) or
    A is obviously not interested in your friend other than pure friendship currently....since the response is always negative...trying too hard on your "tt fren's" part will only make himself a nuisance to the girl...maybe "he" can try cooling off for some time b4 making his advances again?
    All the best to ur "fren"

    By Blogger quest_gal 仪, at 12:31 PM  

  • heh, i feel the opposite. It's only when a guy is persistent that he'll be more likely to get my heart. If i were the guy who is seriously interested in wooing the gal, i'd try my best to show her wat i've got (whether in terms of possessions or skills or family or frens, etc). Then the gal will know that he's trustworthy and able to consider his suit properly as a whole. That's juz my personal opinion, hpe it helps! ;)

    By Blogger Dream dancer Estella, at 11:12 PM  

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