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Saturday, April 02, 2005

exams coming loh.

it's officially 22 more days to my first paper. Linear Algebra 2 followed by the killer Probability then can slack liao, cause left one SSA 2101(which i put as S/U liao) then the last one is the open book Intro to stats: where it's very hard to fail, the only thing is wat grade you get, to score well, u need to consistantly do very well in the mid-terms, and when i mean do very well it's like scoring 15/15.

i need to start my revision, sigh, been slacking a lot, 4 modules also so slack. Think it's time to keep my PS2, it's too great a temptation.

check out mr brown also, he's like the father of the local blog scene.
there's also this un-official Nus hall guide here, it's written by lynn. enjoy.


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