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Saturday, April 02, 2005

update on the hero

It seems that this hero(rumours say he's from Sci yr2) didn't know this gal beforehand and gave her this shock of her life.
check out cui wen's blog here.
it seems that she's not too happy with her new-found fame, and taking it quite badly at first, but think she got over it liao, judging from her latest posts on her blog.
IMHO, she should juz try to keep her focus on her exams instead. poor gal.

It seems that due to the over-whelming response to the lecture, they edited the lecture and cut out the most-interesting bits from it. i heard that the normal viewership was around a few hundred initially, but jumped to a few thousand after news of the incident spread.
But luckily someone managed to dl the lecture and placed the most-interesting part online.
it's available here. or check out the mp3 version, the voice is that of the lecturer.


  • Hi, I'd appreciate it if you placed a link to the entry itself rather than directly to the media file. Or host a copy of the mp3 itself somewhere else if you like, but please don't link to my media files directly without asking for permission. Thank you ^^

    By Blogger ketsugi, at 4:47 PM  

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