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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

the 4 heavenly kings

once upon a time, there were 4 heavenly kings(more like 4 mahjong obsessed freaks) who stayed in the far east.
they were the fish king(fish, aka shi hao), hum shen(ah rick), obh(bang hui, obh=initials) n monkey(me, it's a dumb nickname, given to me by my frens cause i have too many ape t-shirts and always wear them.)

with too much free time on their hands, they decided to play mahjong whenever they had the time. They played mahjong(almost) all day long, and the record stands at 5 rounds, with the mahjong session starting at my place(morning), n continued at ah rick's place(til late at nite) with a dinner break in between.

then one day, they decided to go for a trip overseas together. and after going through many places, they decided on going to korea to see the legendary korean gals.(there was still a korean wave going on, and we thought that we might get to see some of the pretty korean babes that we usually see on tv. but it's really over-hyped, didnt really get to see any kor babes. the closest we got was some young kor mum pushing her kid in a pram who looked pretty gd, considering she's a mother n such.)

there were other people on the trip, but no other teenagers or young ppl who were in the same age group. and so we occupied the last section of the coach. and once when we returned after visiting the hard rock cafe in seoul. in a moment of brillance or fun or whichever u prefer, the fisk king announced to the bus that the four heavenly kings returns to their throne.(si da tian wang gui wei) that got the rest of the people on the coach laughing.

and hence there were 4 heavenly kings.

and if u really muz know, we brought along a mini mahjong set(those travelling type with mini tiles) along for the trip and played mahjong in the hotel room whenever we had nothing else to do at night. we modified the system so that we played in kor won, and the end result a game where u could win or lose thousands of won.(10 000 won is roughly S$15) which sounds rather scary as compared to back in spore u only counted in the cents.


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