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Sunday, July 24, 2005

saturday of a no-life yun

kicks-starts the day by being a driver, from pasir-ris to kovan to toa payoh n back home. only thing bothering me was the slight drizzle, the rain was drizzling for a moment then stop, then start again, then i had to adjust the wipers accordingly, darn troublesome.

and i get mistaken as another person again.....
this time, it's rather, er unique...

location:S11 food court, near tampines library.

i went to the library to return a book, a book that i didnt finish reading, a book that i think will take too much trouble to read, n the title was "to kill a mocking bird"
one chapter was all it took to kill me, i wondered how many chapters it took to kill that particular mocking bird.

strolls to food court after returning the book, was planning to eat chicken rice, then realised that the chicken rice stall looked different, looks like they changed hawkers, decided against ordering it as the chicken rice didnt look too nice.
walked deeper into the food court to find an alternative. noticed a new stall, looks rather appetizing, it helps that they had a recommendation from a food guide.

okay, so i shall try this new stall then, business looks rather brisk, should not be too bad,
dumpling noodles,pictured with 4 dumplings - $4
chicken cutlet noodles - $4
oyster vegetables - $2
set D,chicken cutlet noodles+2 dumplings+oyster vegetable - $5 (any logical person would order set D, most worth it, in my opinion)

was busy still trying to decide on wat to order, looking at the menu in front of me, placed on the counter, so my head was facing down. then the auntie at the stall asked:
"xiao mei, wat u wan to order?"

i looked to my left, nope...
no xiao mei mei
i looked to my right, nope...
an uncle

where got xiao mei? i looked at the stall auntie with the most puzzled look i can give.
then i realised wat happened, the auntie was referring to me. the auntie quickly apologised to me, if i had a manga face, i would have a semi-sad look with a big water droplet at the side of my head, the stunned n dunno wat to say look. it's so sad, i was hoping that at least if get mistaken get mistaken as some young kid lah, but as a xiao mei? wtf? i'm gonna avoid that food court for a few weeks at least already....


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