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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

some people juz dun seem to learn

i was watching this particular hong kong drama n it was set in the qing dynasty, there was this particular rubbish scene which i wondered y they added it in.

the main character of the show is a young lad who opens an armed escort agency(aka those transport valubles/belongings for people while protecting the safety of the goods)

earlier when they went out on a mission for the first time, and passed by this deserted hill area, then the main character started talk cock with his uncle, wondering why so deserted one the area, then his uncle suggested that they shout out the name of their armed escort agency in an effort to frighten off any would-be bandits.

and as expected of any hk drama, the bandits appeared and juz when they were abt to kill the main lead off, some highly skilled master drops by and saves them( so predictable rite? if the main lead dies then where got show for them to carry on?)

then for the 2nd time, they went out for another assignment again, they passed by a deserted forest this time, then they started shouting the name of their armed escort agency again, and bandits appeared again. and yes, they survived the bandit encounter also.

morale of story: when u're escorting/carrying stuff be it valubles or wat-ever, u dun go around announcing to people that u are around or you're carrying valuble stuff. thats a perfect example of the stupidity factor.


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