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Thursday, July 21, 2005

i hate tv mobile...

y? cause they replayed a particular clip over n over again, and i happened to watch that clip the 3rd time today, argh...

there's this certain video clip produced by dunno wat poly and it is supposed to take abt the female gangsters of the 60s. i'm fine with them making such clips, but muz i be"lucky" enuf to watch it 3 times?

i was taking a long bus ride then they started showing the clip not long after i boarded the bus, then u are stuck in a bus, with nothing else to watch/do, it's not as if u turn your head away, u cant see the tv, the sound will still reach u, then u'll start thinking if u should juz alight n take the mrt instead. it's almost like stuck in the front row of a movie theater watching a movie, a sucky feeling.

i think i will go mad if i see it again the next time i take the bus, btw toto's a really hard game to win anything, never won anything from them before, lost $3 trying my luck, rubbish odds. i figured getting stuck by lightning would be somehow easier than winning toto.


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