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Friday, July 29, 2005

Guys will always be guys...

guys who dun look at gals, are not guys.
it's too obvious, when guys look at gals, haha...

saw a couple of (most likely) poly gals sitting outside a bubble tea shop, yes it's that bubble tea shop which give me student discount one. ah-ha...
was helping my bro buy some stuff and as i was keaving the shop, i saw all of the guys looking at a certain direction.
from my many yrs of experience, i can expect a very chio gal in that direction or at least a decent looking gal, and true enuf got 2 xiao mei mei walked away already.

ate my fill with the sushi buffet, finished a total of approx 26 plates of sushi with damon.
personal damage(appox):
4 plates of salmon sushi
3 plates of tofu
2 plates of scallop
1.5 plate of clam sushi(0.5 eaten by damon)
1 unagi sushi
1 chawanmushi(half-eaten cause funny taste)
1 pako taki
1 japanese pancake
1 cup of ice-cream

no pics til i get my hp to return to normal, it's now in hanging mode. argh..


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