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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

back in Madrid

After Toledo, we travelled back to Madrid, that's when my brother got very excited when our guide told us that Santiago Bernabeu was located near our hotel. As a Real Madrid supporter, there was no way that he could miss this. And so after dinner, we took the Metro for 2 stops(MRT system of Madrid) to the stadium. It was a strange sight to see 4 blur Singaporeans buy tickets on the Metro, and travel on the Metro. We were always very mindful of the people around us and the surroundings(due to the fact that EVERY travel guide advised us to be on the look-out for pick-pockets) We were lucky to meet a nice Security guard at the entrance of the Metro who directed us to the correct line to take. There are actually 8 lines of Metro in Madrid. N i do NOT wish to find out where i would get to if i took the wrong Metro line, especially in a place where I cant speak their native language. You should see how excited my brother was to see the words "Estadio Santiago Bernabeu" and how he touched the hallowed grounds of the club he supports.


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