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Saturday, January 13, 2007

break from Spain posts

There will now be a temporary break from all the Spain posts, as i blog about my brother's enlistment. There will not be any photos or anything, as i do not want to get into trouble with the law. okay?

It is a totally different experience when you go back to tekong as a trainee and you go back as a civilian. I guess after all that you have been through, you try to convince your brother that what he is doing is just a short stint and it will all be over soon.

When i look at the bunks and the recreation room that they show me, i could not help but have an evil grin deep down. Since BMT is approx ten weeks, they try to pack everything that you must know into these ten weeks, which usually leaves little room for free time. I can still swear "from the bottom of my heart" that in my whole stay in tekong, i have not stepped into my company's mess room at all.

I guess my brother must be feeling really un-easy in this whole NS experience, as he woke up at 5 am today and complained of fever and stomach-ache. (It may be because he was nervous) It was strange that during the whole enlistment process, he did not have the chance to meet up with his peers or friends from school. Maybe those assigned to his company today were mainly from other jcs bah.

The trainees at Tekong have a better life than back then. I can still remember my miserly $240 pay. If i'm not wrong, their starting pay is now $350. But the most important thing about staying in Tekong is .........

you get to save a lot of money(REALLY!), as you will NOT have the chance to spend money. The only way you can spend money is when you book out, which is only on weekends, how much can you spend on one week-end?

The recruits are now able to book out after 2 weeks, as compared to my 3-week confinement period, where your parents were able to visit you after 2 weeks and your 1st book out is after 3 weeks.

N if you really must know, my brother's 1st book out date will be 27-01-07. and he will be passing out of BMT on the 14-03-07.

My brother was feeling terrible throughout the whole enlistment process, most prob due to my "over-zealous concern". I helped him packed his bag, and chose a super-sized bag for him and made it as big as a back-packer. This sort of made him feel very malu as no one carried a bag as big as him, or bring as much stuff as he did. (But i did see some people using those trolley bags to enlist, haha, they think they go tekong for holiday is it?) In the end, we helped him remove some stuff from his bag and down-sized his bag, and then finally you can see him break out in a slight smile.

I know that he will most likely not be able to see this message, but i would still like to wish my younger brother all the best for his tekong experience.


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