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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Alhambra (Granada)

a group photo of everyone of the tour group.

Palacio de Generalife or Gineralife (the Muslim Jennat al Arif, "Garden of Arif," or "Garden of the Architect") (No, it is not pronounced as general-life, but ge-ne-ve-lift) This was the Summer palace for the Sultans of Granada.

A view of the city of Granada from the Alhambra.

Patio de los Leones (Court of the Lions) where the centre fountain is surrounded by 12 stone lions, but currently there are only 11 stone lions as one of the stone lions was taken away for re-storation works. the courtyard is also surrounded by 124 white marble columns.

The honeycomb roof inside the Sala de los Abencerrajes (Hall of the Abencerrages) where there is a story inside this hall. Rumour has it that the Sultan spotted a male with his queen, but he was not sure who the exact person was. He only knew that the man belonged to a particular family of the city, so he "invited" all the males of that family and promptly beheaded all of them inside this hall.

Patio de la Alberca (Court of the Blessing or Court of the Pond) where you can see the reflection of the surrounding buildings in the calm waters of the pond.

Alhambra which means "the red" in Arabic. It was a mosque, palace and fortress to the Sultans that ruled from Granada. Granada was the last Moorish stonghold that fell to the Christians. It is a UNISECO world heritage site, and to protect the Alhambra, they limit the amount of visitors that can enter into the place each day.


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