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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Somebody defaced the English translation of this information booth of the Mezquita. =(

More group photos from inside and around the Mezquita.

This is the Patio de los Naranjos or Court of Orange trees, located at the entrance of the Mezquita.

Next stop: Cordoba
The most famous icon of this city is the Mezquita. It's pronounced as Mes-qui-ta not Mosquita or Mosquito, okay?

It used to be a mosque, until the city was conquered by the Christians and converted into a church. The Spanish rulers liked the red and white tile arch structure so much that they retained the archs while building the church inside.

Sidestory: after visiting the Mezquita, the guide gave us some time to shop around the area. N the guide reminded us to be craeful of pick-pockets and gypsies. N my brother took his advice too literally. There was this particular gypsy lady who went around the area asking people to spare her some change. The lady 1st approached Mr Ong(One of the people on the trip with us, he was travelling with his family), who gave a stern face, but guess what happened when the gypsy lady approached my brother?

haha, my brother shouted "NO" (rather loudly) at her, n the gypsy lady got so frightened, that she promptly run away. Well, I guess she did not expect a tourist to do this kind of things to her bah.


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