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Saturday, January 13, 2007

5-star experience (Granada)

got massage showerhead somemore!

Okay, the toilet bowl like thing with the seal is actually a thing for you to clean your butt, n this was present in every hotel in Spain we visited. There was actually someone in the tour(no names are mentioned here) who mistook it for something to wash his hair with, but luckily he learned of its true usage in the nick of time., before he did something that he will regret for the rest of his life.

LCD TV hor, dun play play!

okay, my first reaction when i opened the door into the room is "wah.... So nice ah!!!"
Honestly speaking, i cant remember checking in to a 5-star hotel in my whole lifetime.

After the visit to Alhambra, we were supposed to check in to Hotel Gran Luna(which is 3 or 4 stars, can't remember already) But we had a pleasant surprise, when our tour guide told us that we had a free upgrade to Hotel Nazaries (5 stars), courtesy of the travel agency. (yeah, of course happy lah, got free upgrade got people not happy one meh?)


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