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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


This was taken when the local guide brought us to some shop, where they displayed a huge variety of swords and such. was tempted to buy a set of small swords but was discouraged from doing so by my superstitious parents; who believed that it was "unlucky" to have swords inside the house.

This is the old entrance into Toledo, where the people had to cross the bridge to reach the city.

The Burial of the Count of Orgaz

This is where we saw one of the world's best paintings. (According to our guide, this is the world's rated #3 painting, i tried to search for information online, and all i found that this was( and still is) a very famous painting, but i cant find the rating for it as claimed by the guide)

This is how the nuns make the Mazapan(an almond pastry that is the speciality of Toledo)

An outside view of the cathedral.

This is said to be the crown that was worn by Isabella.

This is the ceremonial altar, weighs at least 20kg and is made purely of silver and gold.(i cannot imagine the actual cost of this whole thing) According to our local guide, it is only used on one day in the year for a religious ceremony and is then kept inside the church for the rest of the 364 days.

Inside the Cathedral of Toledo, where a hole in the ceiling was specially designed to allow sunlight to come in and shine on the facade.

Toledo is actually the ancient capital of Spain, it was the Capital before it was moved to Madrid. Toledo is also famous for it's swords and you can see many tourist shops displaying swords.


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