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Monday, January 01, 2007


happy new year to all, its 6 mins past 12 n into 2007 here in Doha, n i simply refuse to pay for super expensive internet at the hotels that i stay in. the last time i checked they told me that it costs 9 euros for an hr of internet access, which is roughly equivalent to S$18.

compare that to those $1 per hour internet cafes...

will be updating more when i reach spore, which is another at least 7 hrs of plane. n pls dun delay the flight, i simply cant stand staying at this airport any longer, its super super boring. theres nothing much to eat, theres nothing much to see, theres nothing much to do.

highlights of trip:

the super nice scenery, mountains, lakes, snow...
the art painting collections

happy 2007 to all (although i know spore already celebrate 2007 5hrs b4 me liao)


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