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Friday, December 22, 2006

live from DOHA

arrived in Doha in approx 3pm singapore time but the time here is slow by 5 hrs so, we reached at around 10am local time. along the way while the plane was about to land, i glanced out of the window to take a look at wat Qatar looks like. then all u will see is sand n more sand. 1st u see a bit of the ocean, then the sand more sand, n even more sand, u cant even see a single tree, the closest u get to some vegetation is the occasional bush. n all the buildings like they just came out of some factory mould, all one colour, n mostly the same type. the local currency is riyak. one euro equals 4 riyaks, n so 1 sing dollar equals 2 riyak.

the first meal i had here was some A&W(virtually non-existent in spore) 3 piece chicken meal that cost 22 riyak, i didnt know if the meal included a cuppacino or not, but when the lady at the counter offered me a cup, i quickly grabbed it without asking further qns. (typical singapore kiasu mentality) it came with super large serving of fries n some funny looking bread. it tastes the same as tissue prata but softer n with less oil.

the initial flight plan was that we were gonna board a plane to madrid at 2pm, due to "unknown" technical reasons the plane was delayed by 2hrs, so we bo bian must carry on waiting til the plane is ready. darn! they did gave us some meal vouchers as compensation. but on the other hand there's nothing much top eat here anyway. haiz...

at least theres internet access, which will help in killing off some time. yes, n the keyboard rather special also, there all this arabic characters together with the typical qwerty characters.

cant upload photos as there's no usb port, took some really "bo liao " pix of Doha.

will continue to update if there are more chances.

signing off for now...


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