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Monday, December 18, 2006

more tales from in-camp

day one

was surprised of the food they serve in the cook-house, 1st meal got ice cream to eat already, haha, "were they trying to give us a good first impression?"

even the dinner was a special, they catered a christmas buffet for us, complete with turkey n log cakes, which was nice, cant recall since when army so nice to u, dunno y but somehow i felt that "they were like fattening us up then slaughter us (the tough training that will follow) in the later part of the in camp"

slept super early since there was nothing to do besides reading newspapers.

day 2

woke up at 0545. yes this is some super insane time. i totally cannot recall since when i woke up that early maybe since ns that time bah.

then it was followed by weapons revision. it was then that i saw my old pal again. the "not-so-light" big gun. argh. i thought i got rid of that lousy nightmare since ns that time, n now it has returned to haunt me for another ten years. damn...

then it was ippt. sianz. u know u cant run when u have excess baggage around the waist.

day 3

the most xiong/tiring day of the in-camp
it was this day that told me that reservist was not slack.

went out-field. being attacked by a brigade of mosquitoes. i was hoping for it to rain n i thought that we won't have to go out for training if it was raining. i was wrong, seriously wrong.

the rain did come, but the training didnt stop.

i can still remember how was i doing field training in the rain, bashing through the forest in the rain.

super unforgetable. trust me. u start to wonder how come u're doing this shit when some other reservist guy is now inside his bunk shake leg n doing nothing.

day 4

training was over in a flash. but we had to start clearing our bunks.

day 5

last day! started off by clearing our bunks. the most de-moralising thing is see-ing people who clear their ippt out-process at 10 am, while others who fail could only leave at 6pm.

just when u told the in-camp was over, the higher-ups dropped another bombshell on you, telling u that your next in-camp would be in july. sianz.

then just when u think u can safely out-process n regain your freedom, the rsm starts to go on another berserk run. double checking your hair-style before allowing you to out-process.

n how u know suigei gedong camp is a lousy camp? when u can spend close to 30 mins n more calling for a cab n there is no available cab that will want to come pick u up.


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