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Saturday, December 09, 2006

secret identity

there's this bubble tea shop near my place, it seems they give 10% off for the temasek poly students, n in order to take advantage of this offer. i "bluffed" my way thru by showing them my red ez-link student card but just use my thumb to cover the school logo. pretty soon, the uncle starts to mistakes me for a real temasek poly student. n sometimes he tries to chat with me abt sch(poly) starting. but the best was yesterday.

i was with my fren in that area. n he asked me which bubble tea shop was the best. so i recommended him the one that i usually frequent. the shop owner(as usual) mistaking me was telling me to jia you for next week. my fren heard that n thought that the uncle was referring to the ict, n was telling me to jia you. then the uncle said it was because of the term test next week. term test? haha. i simply said yah lor. my fren didnt wanna disclose anything so he juz play along by saying only i got n he dun have term tests when the uncle asked if he also having term tests.

haha, i wonder wat will happen one day when i say to the uncle that i'm 23 n studying at NUS instead.


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