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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

day 1 madrid

was glad that the plane finally reach madrid, then saw everybody dressed in full battle order(full winter clothing aka jackets, sweaters n such) so all i had on was some teamNUS jacket, i thought that was enuough, but i was wrong. the moment u step out of the plane n board the shuttle bus, the cold bites you. yes, it is that cold. the temperature was around 4 degress that day bah.

checked into Hotel Gaudi, located along Gran via, madrid.

then took a short walk with the tour captain, nice streets i must say, they give u a sort of nostalgic feel.

for ppl in spain, life starts after 10pm, although it was around 12 when we started walking down the streets of gran via, we could still see a lot ppl in the streets, the guide did tell us that the pub area was somewhere behind the metro station of gran via, but there were children in our group, so he could not bring us there.


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