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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

free internet access in spain

after so many days on the move, i finally found free internet in Alicante, its some city in Spain along the eastern coast, slightly lower than Valencia, or approx 2 plus hrs drive from valencia-

its not that i dun wanna blog, it is too expensive to blog, so far, from madrid to barcelona, the hotels that i stayed in charge 2 euros for 10 mins of internet access. which is almost 4 sg dollars for 10 mins.

i have already lost count of how many km i have travelled. i think close to 500km or even more bah.

wine is super cheap here, u can get a bottle for like 4 euros or even less. the cheapest i saw was 2.70euro for a bottle of red wine. in case u really must know, vino tinto is spanish for red wine.

Spain is 7 hrs behind singapore time. so its like 2300 26-12-06 here.

Places travelled so far

day 1
reach madrid, check in hotel.

day 2
travel to segovia n back to madrid.

day 3
travel to zaragoza n reach barcelona

day 4
city tour of barcelona

day 5 today
travel to tarragona then to valencia n now Alicante.

dun think i can hog the computer for much longer, there is this Spanish couple staring at me from across the room. i can almost feel their murderous intent liao.

n i know this is late but
Felix Navidas to all, which means merry christmas in spanish.


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