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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

segovia day 2

the 1st pix is on the way to segovia, located an hour's drive away from madrid, these are bulls reared by the spanish. i'm just not sure if these bulls are reared for eating or for bull-fights.
Segovia is actually a Unesco world heritage city with the must visit aqueduct, cathdral n Alcazar.
the 2nd pix is one of the small cathdrals of segovia, one of the many cathdrals that we will visit on our trip around spain.
the 3rd pix shows how cold segovia is, as the streets of segovia is still filled with ice n snow
the 4th one shows the main cathdral of segovia in the background.
n the last one is the 2000 yr old Roman aqueduct. it is a 728m bridge made of just granite blocks n used to transport water in the Roman era. the most amazing engineering fact that not a single drop of mortar was used to hold the granite blocks together.


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