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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

how to spot a potential survey taker

  1. restless-looking. keeps muching on straw of drink. keeps looking around while waiting for other frens to finish food.
  2. have frens who are already doing the survey, ie peer pressure.

i had to go down to arts canteen during lunch hours to get ppl to fill in surveys for my ES2007 mod survey report. had to do it alone as my other project mates were having lessons. we could have simply juz gone with the online version but it seems that we ended up with more Science responses than Arts responses. the reason why we need arts responses; is because we're doing a survey on the feasibility on setting up a temporary arts canteen during the renovation of the arts canteen. hence arts ppl will be the ones most affected.

some ppl who fill in the survey are really nice, ie they take time off while in the midst of their meal and help u fill in the survey. the best is still the kind finish survey liao, point u in the direction of their frens who will also help u fill in survey.

then there are also those who really read the qns properly, think thru before giving u their response. ie they really take time to digest the qns n give u honest responses.

while they are some will refuse to do no matter wat u say or even anyhow fill in the data.


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