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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Taipei Raiway station

Rui fang station. This is where we alighted from the train and took a bus to Jui fen.

The gals posing for pictures inside the Train. Yes, the train is nicely air-conditioned, i was expecting some lousy rickety ride with natural air with the usual annoying train sounds aka Malaysian Railway style, but surprisingly the ride is quite comfortable.

At the platform, waiting for the train. posing with a bento bought at the train station. The thing u have to be on the lookout is the platform berth on which the train will stop. Each platform has several berths aka berth A, B, C, so u have to be on the lookout for which berth the train will stop, picture us chasing after a train because we see other people also running after a train, and we just followed them likewise. not knowing if that train is the train that we have bought tickets to. Combine this with the fact that there are many platforms and many berths for the train to stop, it's really not easy to try their railway system unless you are brave enough. (not encouraged for the faint-hearted)

Inside the Taipei railway station, on the left is Jun Pei, on the right is Shu Hui. both posing for pictures in front of the really old-school ticketing office. the board above is labelled with departure times for trains to almost everywhere in Taiwan, and yes, everything in Chinese (Traditional Chinese not simplified Chinese)


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