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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Day 2 Taipei (morning)

Okay, i'm not the photographer for these next few pix.

Zhong lie tang, where we saw the changing of the guard, an elborate ceremony where the guards had to march n perform rifle drills, u get the feeling of ndp when u see them do their stuff.

Rose garden.

Our whole group (minus me the photographer)

We got rather excited when we saw some people doing fliming there, when we got closer to see who was the ming xing, then i think it was the manager of the ming xing who told us it was so n so. N after finding out that we dunno who the ming xing was, we sianz half cause we dunno who the person was. so we simply walked away n went to take other pictures.

This is supposed to be the summer residence of CKS, but is now converted into a park. expected lots more but nothing much to see actually.


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