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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

touchdown plus 1st meal in taiwan

Ah zong mian sian, this is supposed to be a very famous chain of mee swa stall. there is no place for you to sit, you can only stand and eat your mee swa. and i can tell you that it is really piping hot, the ingredients inside are also very tough, so we had a little difficulty in chewing.

er mei street

outside the Ximen metro station.

Somebody posing for the new spiderman movie at Ximending. our biggest complaint is that the person is too skinny.

this is junming with the ou ai jian. it's almost like our oyster omelette just that theirs is a lot more starchy with a ketchup-like sauce. we also ordered some fried rice, thats when we realised that their rice is different from ours, theirs is more jap-like kind that kind of rice.

touchdown.... posing for pictures at the airport.


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