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Monday, May 21, 2007

Wu fen pu

We were starving after the fliming and went to Wu fen pu next, and our next meal is the famous lu rou fan, everywhere u go, u will find this simple dish of rice with lu rou sauce.
Wu fen pu is a whole sale clothes market, u will find narrow alleys of shops selling many clothes, we split up with the gals as we knew that we would only waste each other's time if we went shopping together, it was easier for us to shop as most of the shops were those selling ladies clothes, and it was easy to spot a shop selling guys clothes, look n see if the clothes were nice, pay $ and leave. the worst thing is that they dun allow u to try their clothes, so u had to just compare them with the clothes u were wearing. the most interesting thing about this place is the narrow alleys, just when u thought that only scooters were allowed into the place, here come a delivery truck that is about to squeeze into the alley. After a night of shopping, we took the metro back to ximen and back to our hotel, that was our first time on their public transport system, little did i expect that i'll be taking the metro almost everyday.


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