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Monday, May 28, 2007

kee lung

See that big pot of rice, it's called you fan and it's glutinous rice with mushrooms, not bad but i regret not trying the pork thick soup. which i will make a note to try the next time i go back to taiwan.
miao ko, or entrance of the temple, this is where i was "lost" ; "lost" as in i did not know wat i wan to eat, after looking at 2 rows of food stalls n there are more down the corner, u would be "lost" too. too many choices until u dunno wat to try, it does not help that u are not familiar with their food culture n would regret choosing soemthing that looks nice but tastes bad.

Kee lung train station

This is the port city of kee lung where we stopped by next after visiting jui fen, n yes, we took the bus, and there was this super pushy cabby at the bus stop while we were waiting for the bus who wanted us to take his cab, he keep offering his services despite us refusing his offer time n time again.


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