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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

jui fen (part 1)

This is where we bought the super nice tai yang bing. i bought 3 boxes and there were almost all gone a few days after i got back.

obaasan with super outstanding hairstyle. apparently she rather well known and took many pictures with a lot of ming xing.

okay, i'm the brave soul who went to try the shell thingy.

i cant remember wats this called, it's just some spiral shell thingy, roasted over the grill toppled with chilli sauce. n it does not taste as nice as it looks.

Bing tang hu lu, the gals were simply anxious to try it, luckily i didnt try as i dun think i would like the taste at all bah.

our 1st choice of xiao chi. popiah skin with peanut shavings n ice cream, not bad, it's actually nicer than it looks.

This is the start of the jui fen street, it's a very long street with most of the stalls selling food, so u can actually eat the whole day here.


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