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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

tests n more tests

super hate the feeling of being surprised (in a negative way)

eg: surprise tests during lectures, i rather have a formal announcement followed by the actual test, rather than being surprised. although the tests were (in the words of the lecturer) not counted towards your grade, but he said it could be used as a bonus or replacement if u did not do well during the mid-term.

but nvm, the pt is i didnt go take the test. i knew it was coming, could feel it. thought it would be during last fri, but it seems the lecturer decided to give it today.

finished one test in the morning, was not physically+mentally prepared to take any more test for the day. was super tired from lack of sleep.

oh well, there seems to be endless stuff for me to do.
it simply does not make sense to be more stress during a 5 mod sem as compared to a 6 mod sem.


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