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Friday, April 15, 2005

Squatter rights.

Nobody owns the right to occupy a table or any table in a reading room/library/study room during exams. the table automatically becomes "your" table when u have enough notes on it.
It's the same situation everywhere from Pgp, the various libraries, the study room at YIH, even the reading room/library in SH.
the key to getting a table is to wake up at 7am in the morning, walk to the reading room, select your table of choice, clear the table of the previous owner's notes, set up camp, put barbed wire around your table, best if u can put a sign on your table that says"Dun touch my stuff!!!"
then u have to be there 24/7(growl at anyone who has any funny ideas on entering your zone!), and automatically it's "your" table now.

As for "my" table, think i'm gonna have to go there more often instead of slacking in my room, playing winning eleven,(argh it's like a necessary evil nowadays).
then muz open up files/books, fill up all available space on the table, give the impression that you'll be back in a while only.


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