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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Montserrat (Barcelona)

We 're supposed to visit the main shopping street of Barcelona known as Las Ramblas, but since it was Christmas so all the shops were closed n out guide brought us to Montserrat instead. located 45 mins drive away from Barcelona is Mountserrat. it's a monastery located on a mountain and you can enjoy the wonderful landscape from the top of the mountain. the Monastery is also famous for its choir but they were also celebrating their christmas holiday, so we didnt get to hear the choir. Legend states that there was a vision of the Virgin Mary here. so they decided to built a statue of the Virgin, the statue is black cause it is supposed to be smoke-stained. Nowadays, they cover the staue with hard plastic covering n only allow people to touch the globe through a small opening. according to unconfrimed sources, you're supposed to make a wish before you touch the globe on the Virgin's hand n then your wish will come true. The other statue is of St Peter, you have to touch the right foot, although i dunno for wat ever reasons also, but later i found out from my fren's girlfriend that they have the same thing in the Vatican city n everybody touches the right foot of Peter also.


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